TWO The Adventures of Tin Tin (A Double-Feature Post) Reviews

HBO isn't really known for its cartoon programming but they have a few in their history that have me wanting a hell  of a lot more. Of course, it's been over ten years since they've done anything animated. So I must be the only one. Think about it though, everything you love about HBO broadcasting (violence, nudity and no-holds-barred approach to all topics) also brought to everything you love about cartoons. Basically, it'd be the even-more-Adult Swim. It didn't hurt that the movie had just come out, but when I went to checked out all the HBO shows, to compile my list to review, I was shocked to see The Adventures of TinTin. I knew the movie was based around a comic book series but I didn't know HBO did it first. The Adventures of … [Read more...]

Five Stars, Six Feet Under

It's probably not necessary to include those red stars, since I break down each one individually anyway, but I so rarely get a chance to use them I just threw them in. I didn't think any of the shows on this HBO list were going to get the coveted "five star" position. I wrote out short outlines for each show when I started and a few were on the edge. Ultimately, they only received four or four and a half stars. Six Feet Under is a five star show, without a doubt. Everything that makes HBO a great network to broadcast is embodied in Six Feet Under. An elaborate masterpiece, this show will make you laugh and cry more than any other. I've said that Six Feet Under has the best ending of any show I've ever watched, let alone an HBO show, … [Read more...]

It’s Not Luck, Louie. It’s Skill.

It might seem a little late to review Lucky Louie. After all, he does have a show on FX that just got picked up for a third season. I'm picking HBO shows for February, though. Lucky Louie is the first HBO show to ever be shot in front of a live studio audience, which is actually closer to them going back in time, but setting it up like a classic 70s sitcom allowed for a familiar setting to address new topics. Louie's family is just as loving as Archie Bunker's, but which one would you rather watch with an "M" rating stamped on it? Time There was only one season of Lucky Louie but I think that works more to its favor than most shows. When you sit down and watch it now, LL is like a really great play. Well, that play would be … [Read more...]

Lame of Thrones

Imagine if Rome (see my previous article) was set in a mystical land, where dragons and magic are real and all the historical shit was removed. That's what I expected Game of Thrones to be. Instead, I found a slow moving budget drain that hyped its way into a big audience. I seriously don't get why this show got any nominations for any award or how the audience kept watching it. _______________Time One season is done, with ten episodes, and another is on the way. I probably would have considered giving Game of Thrones a half star if it wasn't picked up for an additional season. The fact that this show is continuing on, though, makes it even less valuable. If Game of Thrones were to end, now, and never continue, it would be an example … [Read more...]

Where I Lay My Sword is Rome

Are you looking to stimulate your brain with some introspective, mind-opening shit? Rome isn't for you. Rome has blood, guts and gore with a side of Roman history and politics. I've said it before and I'll say it again (or I'll copy and paste it), the only way you can get me to learn about anything is by making a movie about it. Exciting from beginning to end, (overall, not necessarily episode by episode) Rome is fucking awesome. I'll admit that, at first, I thought it might be kind of cheesy and just a grab at ratings by exploiting that gore I mentioned. Then, as the story began to unfold, I figured out that it had a lot of substance too. I don't know how accurate their research really is but if they spent half as much time in the … [Read more...]