Welcome Back Carter

Every once and a while a movie comes a long that builds anticipation longer than it runs in theaters. Some movies are coy and tease you with only bits of the movie, building anticipation through mystery. The Ring was really good at this and Dark Knight toe'd the line. Other movies, however, build the anticipation for you, by comparing it to other successful movies. When Disney takes this tactic, they have big hitters in their league, combined with the expectation of quality they've built for themselves.  Seeing as how I just spent a month talking about TV, it felt good to come back to movies. They're shorter and cheaper (per hour, anyway) and you're a hell of a lot more likely to listen to me when you don't have as much to lose. … [Read more...]

Spawn X 2

If you look at all the shows HBO has to offer, and focus on the ones that are fictional series, there aren't a lot of animated options. I did a review on their The Adventures of TinTin and now I'd like to move onto something a little more fitting for the HBO network. In the late nineties, comic books were on a popular up-swing, that was in no-small-part fueled by the animated versions popping up on children's broadcasting. X-men, Spiderman and Batman had already been through a few seasons by the time Spawn hit HBO. By the year that it ended, a movie was made and I'll get to that immediately after. For now, let's focus on Spawn, the Animated Series. Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, stayed with his baby all the way through the … [Read more...]

TWO The Adventures of Tin Tin (A Double-Feature Post) Reviews

HBO isn't really known for its cartoon programming but they have a few in their history that have me wanting a hell  of a lot more. Of course, it's been over ten years since they've done anything animated. So I must be the only one. Think about it though, everything you love about HBO broadcasting (violence, nudity and no-holds-barred approach to all topics) also brought to everything you love about cartoons. Basically, it'd be the even-more-Adult Swim. It didn't hurt that the movie had just come out, but when I went to checked out all the HBO shows, to compile my list to review, I was shocked to see The Adventures of TinTin. I knew the movie was based around a comic book series but I didn't know HBO did it first. The Adventures of … [Read more...]

Da Ali G (Spot) Show

Da Ali G Show started out on Channel 4, in the UK, but finished out its final season on HBO. I think that's reason enough to include it as an HBO series, especially considering how fucking great it is. They take out the laugh track, musical performances and skits for season two but you won't miss them. If I spend any more time on this introduction, I won't have anything to say for the stars. I'm including the opening sequence first, though, because it can't wait. If you haven't been watching any of the shit I've been linking you in these articles, at least watch this one. This is, basically, how I get dressed in the morning. The only difference is that I wear a suit. Time Like I said, Da Ali G Show started out in the UK. … [Read more...]

Underworld 4: Stop Using Colons and Number Them, Damnit!

First of all, sorry for this being late. If you don't know, I live in Washington and we were recently hit with about a foot of snow. When I lived in Pennsylvania, that probably wouldn't have made an impact, but here it was referred to as "Snowpacalypse 2012" and the power went out for six days. I huddled, in the cold, waiting to post again and here it is. My HBO binging has reached all new heights,since power has returned. If you go to Wikipedia and find the HBO Series List, you'll see what I'm dealing with. That being said, that piece might be apart of a doctorate thesis some day. Underworld: Awakening, or "Underworld: Sorry 4 Not Putting Kate Beckinsale in the Last One", came out last weekend. I didn't watch it on opening day, but … [Read more...]