Welcome Back Carter

Every once and a while a movie comes a long that builds anticipation longer than it runs in theaters. Some movies are coy and tease you with only bits of the movie, building anticipation through mystery. The Ring was really good at this and Dark Knight toe'd the line. Other movies, however, build the anticipation for you, by comparing it to other successful movies. When Disney takes this tactic, they have big hitters in their league, combined with the expectation of quality they've built for themselves.  Seeing as how I just spent a month talking about TV, it felt good to come back to movies. They're shorter and cheaper (per hour, anyway) and you're a hell of a lot more likely to listen to me when you don't have as much to lose. … [Read more...]

And Then, Finally, Boardwalk Empire

So, the 29 days of February 2012 are over. That means I can stop reviewing HBO shows. I kicked off the month with one of my favorites: The Sopranos. Those very same creators are at it again with the possibility of taking that favorite show position. Boardwalk Empire gets five stars, too, which is a good reason to close with it. Most of the time, the fifth star ends up being an inner-argument that I have. Basically, I need to argue that something is worthy of being a "five-star" whatever it is. That position is high for a reason: to separate it from the rest. Boardwalk Empire was an easy argument. TV shows don't deliver like Boardwalk Empire delivers. Time Boardwalk Empire finished its second season and is on its way to a … [Read more...]

My Enthusiasm Hasn’t Been Curbed

Though it's one their longest running shows, I saved Curb Your Enthusiasm for the end of my HBO month. When I started the first season, only a couple weeks ago, I knew that watching all eight seasons at once would be a mistake. So, I split up each season and divided it up with some of the other shows that I've already reviewed. Curb Your Enthusiasm is created by and starring the other creator of Seinfeld, Larry David. I made the mistake of burning through all nine seasons of Seinfeld in a week or two so I wasn't about to do it again. Luckily for me (and you), Curb Your Enthusiasm takes all the best parts of Seinfeld and throws away the weak parts. Editor's note: The constant comparison to Seinfeld, in this article, is a conscious effort … [Read more...]

The Corner That Started The Wire

If you finished The Wire and were sitting there thinking, "Where can I get more of that Baltimore crime goodness?", I have just the thing for you. Before The Wire there was The Corner. Based on a book called The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood, this show depicts some of the same things as The Wire, on a more intimate level. Focusing on one family, instead of a large cast of characters in many sections of the city, The Corner is another creation of David Simon that is worth checking out. It will certainly take less time and you can think of it as having a ton of special features. Time The Corner is another one of HBO's fine mini-series and runs with six episodes, totaling just under six and a half … [Read more...]

Spawn X 2

If you look at all the shows HBO has to offer, and focus on the ones that are fictional series, there aren't a lot of animated options. I did a review on their The Adventures of TinTin and now I'd like to move onto something a little more fitting for the HBO network. In the late nineties, comic books were on a popular up-swing, that was in no-small-part fueled by the animated versions popping up on children's broadcasting. X-men, Spiderman and Batman had already been through a few seasons by the time Spawn hit HBO. By the year that it ended, a movie was made and I'll get to that immediately after. For now, let's focus on Spawn, the Animated Series. Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, stayed with his baby all the way through the … [Read more...]